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Take notes ... until you're
ready to Take Action!
Keeping a secure, time verified record of an event
incident or assault can be an important first step in
protecting yourself and others.
A Better Future
is possible
Take control, take notes and move towards
a better future with the help of WordWitness
secure notes.

Secure & Discrete Time Locked Notes

WordWitness App is easy to use, making it the fast and simple way to make a secure note of an incident or observation. Designed to be as simple as writing a text message, WordWitness App uses Time Lock Technology automatically locking time data to each note boosting your memory confidence and credibility.

Non-Editable Time Locked Notes Improve memory Confidence
Quick Save On-The-Go Make a note, when it happens
Password & Device Encryption Keeps notes Private & Secure
Boost your Credibility Generate a pdf for authorities

Unlock the power of a WordWitness note

Not just another note taking app, WordWitness gives you tremendous power because once you make a note, it is time locked and the app restricts further changes. We call it the WordWitness PowerLock Advantage and it gives you extra credibility and confidence.

Did you know: Independent studies have proven that memories can be distorted particularly when they relate to times of stress or trauma. If a situation escalates, being able to confidently produce specifics of an incident can strongly influence the outcome in legal disputes, workplace bullying or success in obtaining personal restraints orders.

See Something. Save Something.

Domestic Violence
Workplace Bullying
Neighbour Disputes

Protect Yourself with the WordWitness app

TimeLock boosts your Credibility

Every entry you save in your WordWitness app is Time Locked. The purpose of this is to give you confidence and credibility if you ever need to tell others.

Device Encryption & Password

WordWitness notes are only stored on your device with inbuilt encryption. Use FaceID or set a unique password for complete control over what you save and share. We recommend you disable FaceID if other people have access to your device.

Not a tech nerd, Not a Problem

When we developed the WordWitness App we wanted it to be accessible to everyone. This is why the app has been kept deliberately simple, clean and even caters to users with vision difficulties.

Supports Memory Confidence

People who use WordWitness to take notes of an incident report a significant increase in memory confidence. This can help in proving specifics of an incident, as well as reducing the trauma in reliving an event.

Supporting the community

WordWitness supports our local communities and contributes to many organisations supporting anti-bullying, domestic violence and perpetrator prevention.

Australia’s most trusted personal safety and incident storage app.

With over 10,000 entries and counting, WordWitness™ is relied on and recommended by Counsellors, Family Violence Experts, Union Reps, HR and Legal Professionals across Australia and worldwide.

Get WordWitness today !

Are you a bully or perpetrator of violence?

If you think you're causing someone else harm, it is possible to stop. There are many organisations that specialise in providing the help you need to stop. Visit the resources section of this website to find out more.

Case Studies and Coupons

Are you currently using WordWitness™ in your practice or organisation, we would love to know how it is helping your team and clients. Reach out and let us know so we can help others.

If you are a researcher, organisation, practitioner or community group and would like to try WordWitness™ with your clients please let us know. Every month we give away free AppStore coupons to support the vulnerable in our community.


Every situation is unique and WordWitness™ has been designed as an assistant to the memory and recollection of an event, incident or observation. Whilst we have intended the app to be helpful, users are advised WordWitness™ is not a legal device, document or instrument and provides no guarantees to the outcomes related to it's use.