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Best New App for 2021

It’s no surprise WordWitness is rapidly moving up the AppStore download ranks. After months in development, the latest version of WordWitness is now available on ios and android platforms and despite its simple appearance it is proving to be a very valuable tool to those going through a tough time.

With literally thousands of note taking apps downloaded worldwide every week, WordWitness is in a league of its own

Allowing users to set a unique password that is independent to their device is a great feature, further boosted with time-lock and non-editable functionality. These feature combine to make WordWitness a trusted companion when trying to prove or substantiate an event, incident or abuse.

WordWitness is the note taking app for things that are too sensitive to trust to a general note taking app.

The lack of editability may be a concern to some users, but it are these features that gives strength to both credibility and memory confidence. Users can always write another note to clarify or add context, but keeping things locked is what gives the user the WordWitness advantage.

Designed to be ultra-discrete and easy to user for people with limited tech knowledge. In developing the app, the developer stated “we wanted the app to feel as easy as typing a text message, something even the most novice of phone users should feel comfortable doing”. In the latest version, the makers have also improved accessibility with options for larger fonts and a high contrast colour scheme to help people with low vision requirements.

The tag line “Take notes, until you’re ready to take action” is absolutely on point with WordWitness. Research shows that taking action against a partner, co-working or employer takes time. Often when a complaint is made, the abuse becomes more covert, making an investigation even more difficult. In the types of situations that WordWitness is intended, issues escalate quickly and all to often they become a fight of your word against theirs. Being able to produce a time locked WordWitness pdf of events, incidents and observations can be very helpful, particularly when mediation or authorities become involved.


Scientific studies also back the strength of WordWitness. Research has shown that trauma can have a detrimental effect on memory, as well as causing recollection fuzziness and the bluring of timelines. Because WordWitness prevents users from editing saved notes, the app helps timelines remain accurate and to cultivate memory confidence of the user.

The developers are big supporters of personal privacy, which is they have kept the app 100% ad free, and no user identifiable data or tracking occurs. In order to maintain privacy and make the app available, there is a small download fee of $1.99/month, or users can buy a $6.99/annual subscription.

The number of WordWitness downloads confirms that being able to generate a time identified pdf of an event, incident or observation is priceless in protecting yourself from harm, receiving compensation or reducing the anxiety in repeatedly explaining a traumatic experience to authorities and counsellors.