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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is WordWitness different to other note apps?

We know there are tons of note style apps available, but WordWitness is different for a few reasons:

1. Password protected: Your WordWitness password is independent to your device password. This means even if someone has access to your device, or you accidentally leave your device unlocked, your WordWitness notes can not be read without your password.


2. Time Locked: When you save a message, the date and time the message was saved is stored along with the message. This helps prove a timeline of events and demonstrate a series of incidents or pattern of behaviour.


3. Non-Editable: When you save a message, it can no longer be changed or edited. This helps if you are ever accused of changing your story at a later date.


4. You are in control: Your employer or organisation may have software where employees can save notes and memos, however these notes can often be accessed the IT department, and often because the software is owned by the business you don’t have any control over what happens after a note is saved. Experts often advise that employees NOT TO SAVE personal or sensitive information on work devices for this reason.


5. Trauma Memory Issues: Research shows that people who experience a traumatic event, particularly involving multiple incidents can confuse and blur specifics making it difficult for authorities and law enforcement to act. WordWitness helps by preventing the modification of messages, significantly boosting your memory confidence and credibility.

Can I hide the WordWitness app in my phone?

If you are concerned about someone seeing the WordWitness app on your phone, there are a few things you can do to hide the app.

  1. Create a category (Group) of app icons, and drag WordWitness into here.
  2. Always create your own unique passcode
  3. Choose a wrong answer for your passcode recovery. Partners and close friends can sometimes guess these answers. As such, for your Mothers Maiden name, choose something like Beyonce, Nike, Titanic etc

Regularly create and export the WordWitness pdf and send to a trusted friend or therapist. After this, delete the data on your phone. (This is a good tip if you think someone has access to your phone and can potentially delete the app). If you send via email or sms, you should also delete the pdf from your sent folder.

Should I use FaceID to unlock?

FaceID is a great feature, but if you think other people have access to your phone, they can potentially add their own FaceID and unlock your device and WordWitness app. We do NOT recommend using FaceID unless you are 100% certain you are the only person with access to your device.

What if I forget my password?

Be careful not to forget your password. All WordWitness data is saved locally (on your device), our IT support can not unlock or access. We recommend you backup your device and regularly create and export pdfs of your WordWitness books just in case.

Where is my data saved?

Your WordWitness data is saved locally on your device. The data in your phone is encrypted using your phones operating system encryption process. WordWitness IT and Technical support are not able to view or recover data from your phone.

What if I accidentally delete a note or book?

To protect your privacy, we don’t see or backup your data. If you accidently delete and you don’t have a phone backup, the data is gone. To avoid this, we recommend backing up your device and exporting a pdf of your WordWitness books regularly.

Can I access my WordWitness on another device?

No, WordWitness operates only on a single device.

Why does the time say UTC?

This means Coordinated Universal Time or Universal Time Clock which is the international standard for time. UTC is also referred to as GMT. This is helpful if you travel and move across time zones. Each WordWitness note is saved with the local time and the UTC time.

Who can see my WordWitness notes?

Only you, or people with access to your phone. If you have FaceID disabled, they will also need your WordWitness passcode.

Upgrading or changing phones?

Your WordWitness data should transfer when you upgrade or change phones, so long as your user ID remains the same. We recommend if you are changing phones that you generate and export a pdf of your WordWitness books in the unlikely event an error occurs.