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Lets hear it for WordWitness app

The popularity of the WordWitness app is proof that there’s significant power in writing things down. Something as simple as keeping a note can not only add weight to your version of events, but can also give you tremendous confidence in your memory.

One of the biggest lies I tell myself is …

“I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it. ”

– Anonymous

In almost every adults life there is a time when they find themselves in a complex situation. Often these are times of conflict, and often the conflict is caused by different versions of an incident or event. Whilst we often tell ourselves that we will remember the specifics, countless scientific studies suggest that our memories are not as robust as we like to think. It’s for these reasons that so many people are turning to WordWitness as there secret weapon.

WordWitness was developed to be simple and easy to use, yet extrodinarily powerful in tricky situations. Design to provide support to people in difficult times and be a tool to help memory confidence.

By locking saved notes and restricting editing, WordWitness gives users a tremendous strength to both credibility and memory confidence. If a user does want to add clarity or context to a previously saved note then they can simply add a new note. Providing the time details with every note helps reinforce a timeline or explain a pattern of behaviour or abuse.

WordWitness is proudly recommended by experts and professionals who support victims of Domestic Family Violence, Workplace Harassment, Personal Safety, Neighbour Disputes and other conflict resolution situations.


The app is very discrete and perfect for people who are not particularly tech savy. The 2021 version update also includes improved accessibility with larger fonts and high contrast colour options.

Your right to personal privacy is important to WordWitness which is why the app is 100% ad free, and no user identifiable data or tracking occurs. In order to maintain privacy and make the app available, there is a small download fee of $1.99/month, or users can buy a $6.99/annual subscription.

The number of WordWitness downloads confirms that being able to generate a time identified pdf of an event, incident or observation is priceless in protecting yourself from harm, receiving compensation or reducing the anxiety connect to repeatedly explaining a traumatic experience to authorities and counsellors.

Writing something down is often the first step in making something happen.