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If you are in danger call 000

On this page we have provided a small number of links and resources that you may find helpful in resolving you issue. Many of these organisations provide free advice and support.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue in Australia and occurs across cultures, communities and geographic regions. Not all violence is physical, it can also include coercive behaviour, intimidation, as well as social, emotional and financial control.

If you are in a difficult relationship and unsure what to do, contact 1800RESPECT who can help you navigate and take control.


The National Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Line.

1800 737 732


LIFELINE Australia

Help if you are experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about self harm

13 11 14

Workplace Conflict

Conflict is evident in every part of our lives including our workplaces. Unfortunately, some conflicts can become unhealthy and unproductive if not managed and resolved fairly and with respect.

If you are thinking your work is a place of unhealthy conflict then there are steps you can take to reduce the impact on your health, happiness and productivity.

A good first step is personal reflection and keeping notes. This involves trying to understand what is causing the conflict, who are the actors and keeping a verified record of what is happening and the circumstances that lead to flare ups. With this information, it is recommended you start a private conversation with your manager or go direct to the HR department. These people will usually ask for your thoughts on the conflict as well as clear and concise examples. From here, be prepared for the organisation to get information from others involved and investigate the situation.

If you are not ready to discuss with your manager or HR department, reaching out to your union rep can be a useful step. If the situation is causing you anxiety or health issues, having a confidential discussion with your GP may also be a pathway, and you GP may be able to refer you to a free or subsidised counselling service.

If you are experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about self harm, contact LifeLine Australia 13 11 14

Neighbour Disputes

It’s recommended to try and resolve issues with your neighbours with calm conversation. Unfortunately this not always possible and you may need to involve third parties and the authorities.

The nature of the dispute will impact on the way the matter is handled.

If your neighbour is having a party that you suspect is getting out of control, someone is seriously injured or you suspect a domestic violence incident is occurring, call 000 immediately.

Noise (General): These matters are usually handled by the local council and body corporate (if in a unit complex). Often before the authorities can take action, they need a record of events and circumstances, as well as the steps you have taken to resolve the matter yourself. Being able to produce a WordWitness™ document of the attempts you have made to discuss with your neighbour and the repeated instances of disturbances can help resolve the matter.

Other Disputes: There are many circumstances other than noise that can lead to disputes. Each is handled by different government and community organisations.

Mens Support Groups

Do you need to manage your anger, temper and frustration without violence?

There are many organisations in Australia that are focused on providing the tools and support you need to change. Many of these services can be accessed anonymously and are available 24/7.

Mens Referral Service

Provides assistance, information and counselling for me who use family violence.

1300 766 491

Mensline Australia

Supports men and boys with relationship difficulties

1300 789 978

Bullying (Workplace)

Workplace bullying is repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed at an employee that creates a risk to health and safety.


It isn’t just good business to prevent bullying, in Australia employers have a duty under the OHS Act 2004 to ensure bullying doesn’t occur.


More information is available:

Conflict Resolution

There are also dispute resolution and mediation tools available from local and state governments.